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Sunday, March 12, 2006

God on his side

When I wrote that

If you are pushed to bomb people, out of reasons X or Y, it's a natural human instinct to hunt for rationalisations and to somehow make it fit into your moral universe. Of course, we kid ourselves into thinking it's the other way around, hence the confusion. A direct word from God is a pretty good justification...

concerning THE terrorists of course (yes the evil arabs!), we didn't have Blair's admission that he turned to prayer when trying to decide if it was good to cluser-bomb Iraq into democracy. It seems pretty relevant now...
Incidentally the column I linked to is stupid punditry. Of course Blair wasn't "told by god to do it", but it's never like that: you have doubts about a dubious moral decision, you turn to prayer i.e. a silent reflection about being one of God's chosen few, his people, Jesus's buddy... you can do no wrong. Dilemma closed.


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