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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Lenin in his comments:
[W]hile "most people" have not been "trained" in liberal guilt and relativism and all the rest, they have had ample training in internalising the purview of power, in screening out information that is not compatible with it, in refusal to acknowledge inconvenient facts and their import, in subtly racialising what purports to be 'universalist' discourse (hence, Hamas' "apologists" are damned as relativists, even by the same people who apply different, and lower, standards for Israel).

Most people are perfectly trained to understand that Muslims and Arabs are less rational than we are (even if Shuggy sarcastically implies that he himself is not prone to such constructions), less capable of having a coherent political programme, less capable of tactical voting, more prone to 'violent mood-swings' (like the Barbarians of Boris Johnson's programme about Rome), more hardened to war, always ready to take by force what they have never earned by sweat (like the Barbarians...), lazy, opulent, decadent, cunning, yet loyal as a dog if you feed them regularly...

more sense than his usual marxist boilerplate when he doesn't try to shock.


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