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Thursday, January 26, 2006


"The British parliament is full of people who jet around the world on fact-finding junkets to exotic places every day of the week and they are never hauled over the coals," Mr Galloway claimed.

That's exactly it.
I get through cycles of being exposed to vacuous bullshit about Galloway, and getting an increasing impression that he is somehow distasteful... and then I actually go through all the stuff that people are accusing him of, and find it half of it to be rubbish and the rest to be totally disproportionate to all the anger generated, and generally irrational.
"He didn't attend a vote!!" Sure, he's the only MP doing that because, well, we never hear about this happenning usually do we?
"He dressed up in ridiculous clothes!!" Must be the only one in the BB house to have done that...

Still not a fan of the cigar-chomping marxist, but to me all this noise is a clear manifestation of one of the features of our modern Western societies: anyone who articulates any deep social criticism or "radical" progressive opinion is excoriated. (deep not in the intellectual sense necessarily, but far-reaching). Don't you dare cause anyone some even remotely degree of guilt or you will be strip-searched for any fault, which will be inflated into the equivalent of an accusation of hypocrisy.

Galloway is continually shouted at by the media and the comfortable population because he is seen as issuing serious criticism. The latter are hardly ever heard or discussed, but a volley of bullshit is constantly repeated and passed around.
"Sure, Galloway got money from Saddam... well, everyone is saying this." A quotes B, and B quotes A and we have a nice media circle-jerk of hate, with nearly zero substance.
Of course the cluster-bomb lefties lap it up, since it plugs the bleeding holes in their worldview....


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