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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Put that in your head

If there was any justice, all the cluster-bomb lefties (flocking to and cuddling together on the "meeting place for the anti-fascist left", makes you wanna puke) would be forced, abu ghraib-style, to continuously be exposed to a tape with this thing running on repeat:

Before the invasion, regime change was never cited as a reason for going to war. Indeed, Mr Blair insisted that regime change was not, nor ever could be, a reason for going to war. Had such a justification been fully debated in parliament, it is exceedingly unlikely that the necessary political support would have been forthcoming. It was the apparent need to defend ourselves against a dire threat - so vividly described by Mr Blair in the Commons - that finally won the political argument.

(Oh irony, this comes from:

General Sir Michael Rose [] adjutant general of the British army and commander of the UN protection force in Bosnia
Why doesn't he understand the "anti-fascist" and humanitarian urgency of the Iraq war? I suspect he loved that genocide in Bosnia...)

After 10 hours of this, you could put to them the simple question:
"Did you believe that the US was going to spend 100 to 200 BILLION $$ for the sole well-being of the habitants of a middle-eastern country? Were you that naive?"
Of course they make the reverse argument, helped by fuzzy logic thinking they convince themselves otherwise.
Luckily there is Rupert Murdoch's Times and the Evening Standard, last remaining bastions of the Left, where they expand on their brave hatred of fascism! And all these anecdotes about those scary darkies...


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