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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hard left to nasty right...

... seems to be a common phenomenon. For example Hitchens and the neo-cons (recently found supporting Bush on his recent catastrophic failure in New Orleans).
Or the ex-RCP turned corporate shills of Spiked.

The simplest explanation for the drift of many weak but fanatical assorted marxists to a nasty form right-wingery is that leftists like nothing better than to bicker amongst themselves. I suppose things are easier on the right aisle of the metaphorical chamber: look out for #1, and follow the money. No need to argue (much)!

Another aspect is an excessive reaction of people from the early simple ideas they had. Learning new things, disturbing the template, creates an unease/embarassement turned into hatred of their former selves (and the associated ideology). This is of course more severe for the more ideological politics: they must be taken as a whole or not at all! Hence the complete U-turns.
But I suspect it mainly helps a rationalisation of natural right-wing instincts described below.

Another point is that subservience instinct will result from fear. This happened to a large part of the US public, to universal bafflement. It is not really surprising it happened to several pundits, "lefties" or not. They also suddenly found themselves on the end of a much larger loudspeaker: being on the side of Power (ie the man) you get listened to much more and this is addictive for opinion-mongerers. So fear and power mingle, conscience can be made to follow suit and adapt...

People also get reactionary and selfish as they grow older. I'm attached to the idea that this is mainly due to inflation, and that this is a little recognised fact. I dunno.
Of course I suppose it is in large part because for every problem you get, or for every need that gets added to your list, the scope of our empathy diminishes. Having kids then plays a large part in this as well.


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