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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

With God

So Sharon decides to expand the West bank, he has to really, pushed by the whole of Israel, angry at him for leaving that little strip of beach to the original squatters.
But the mentality of the settlers is interesting:

But Shlomit Ziv, a teacher and mother of eight children who has lived in the settlement for 13 years, says not. "Are we to say that we should not defend a part of Israel because soldiers are killed?" she said. "No one is happy to be living under terror but the value of the place is worth it. The people of Netzarim suffered from terror because we believed that even if it's hard, that's what God wants."

Not very nice for the soldiers (nevermind the gunned down palis), but I guess if you know what God wants...
Oh and how funny that these people are never tallked about as "religious fanatics"...


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