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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Great joke from Billmon


I see that no less an imperial personage than the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard Myers, has asked a federal judge to block the opening of the Abu Ghraib Film Festival of the Damned:

Myers . . . said in a statement put forth to support the Pentagon's case that he believed that "riots, violence and attacks by insurgents will result" if the images were released.

"It is probable that Al Qaeda and other groups will seize upon these images and videos as grist for their propaganda mill, which will result in, besides violent attacks, increased terrorist recruitment, continued financial support and exacerbation of tensions between Iraqi and Afghani populaces and U.S. and coalition forces," he said.

Sheesh. Suddenly everybody's a movie critic.

Billmon is one of the sanest and a fearless US bloggers... Longwinded sometimes but he doesn't feel forced to pay lip service to the troops/flag/freedom, he calls a spade a spade and proto-fascism proto-fascism. Best of all he is not on the defensive from the right-wing attacks, but constantly analysing the situation from an objective viewpoint, while still striking a reasonable and humble tone.


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