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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Das Capita

So the chairman from Capita resigns:

Capita's chief executive, Paul Pindar, said: "Rod has played a key role in establishing Capita as the leading service transformation partner to both public and private organisations across the UK."
At great cost!

Fantastic, I thought this aspect of the "loans controversy" was totally underplayed in the news. Who cares about the bloody lords and knights, all that rotting feudality, what matters is that many of these people bought access to the PM and shaped his decision-making. They expect us to believe that it was "just a loan, at commercial rates" with no afterthought...
All the crazy bloody-mindedness ("it is essential that this reform of the schools goes through (even though most of my party is against it)" suddenly makes sense: there was a debt to repay, in many ways, and only Blair knew it. This hidden guilt explains the stubborness.

What an ironic end to the Blair era: all these loans were to pay for an election campaign, desperatly trying to turn opinion and the labour hemorragy from the Iraq decision.


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