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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Staying the course

Looks like Bush doesn't want to leave Iraq...
It seems the US bloggers think this all depends on the strange whim of the Cheney admin... but there are deeper reasons, which they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge because they are out of the bounds of reasonable discourse in the US (and common sense in Europe!). This is why the discussion they have seems surreal and will never get past the baby stage.

The geopolitics haven't changed. The war was:
  • in line with the interests of Israel, the beacon of democracy in the middle east... all the talk of "spreading democracy" is the euphemism for this.
  • for the oil of course, the 2nd largest reserves in the world, under lock of the old dictator? Unthinkable! The talk of turning Iraq in a "modern, open democracy" is the euphemism for this
  • against Saddam: he was a player, but he turned. Now they still need a player, and won't leave before they get one.
To think that the US spent hundreds of billions of dollars and will just leave before satisfying at least partially some these interests is pure lunacy. Unless they are forced to of course.


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