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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

One of the major problems with post-60 music, and the explosion of genres and styles, is that some modes of music which are good to play are not good to listen to.

By modes I don't mean genre or styles, but some sub-genres, some artists, or parts of tracks. This can be remedied by working on improving the listener's ear, and it's not as bad if you're a musician as you can have a certain empathy with the playing (up to a point!)

I don't mean that only immediate or pop music is good to listen to... There is a fundamental imbalance between the artist and the receiver (as in all arts), which is more important in this case because of the pleasure linked to playing the instrument. The latter comes from technical achievements (a by-product of learning to play), or from the nice synchronicities occuring when playing in a band, etc.

This is the problem for some long jazz solos, modern classical music parts, jam bands, introspective self-indulgent indie, etc.


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